Amazon co do joty skopiował design torby na aparat od Peakdesign


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    @boubobobobou: Dobór materiałów, technologia produkcji, udoskonalanie poprzednich modeli, stopniowa eliminacja wad. Firma, która się w czymś specjalizuje, sprzedaje Ci efekt pracy wielu lat. Amazon robi swoje wersje wszystkiego na pałę, w dwa tygodnie. Kopiują na wzrok rozwiązania, często nie rozumiejąc prawdopodobnie nawet funkcji pewnych elementów. To jest największy problem podróbek.

  • Football news:

    Perez on Ceferin's words about Agnelli: This is unacceptable. We do not want to see a president who insults others
    Dani Alves: We will not allow the rich to deprive the little ones of the opportunity to dream big! Football changes people's lives
    David Beckham: Football should exist for everyone, without fans it is nothing. We need tournaments based on sporting achievements
    Florentino Perez: Ronaldo won't be coming back to Real Madrid, it doesn't make sense. I'm not saying that Ramos will leave, but we are in a very bad financial situation
    Perez on football: Young people say that matches are too long for them. If they think so, we should think about it
    Perez on the semi-finalists of the Champions League and Europa League: They will not be excluded from the tournaments because of the Super League, I can assure you. We are protected by the law
    Jurgen Klopp: The owners of Liverpool are not scammers. The team and I were not involved in the decision on the Super League