Zemsta parafian. Zdenerwowali się na sąsiada, który zgłosił łamanie obostrzeń


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"jak jeszcze raz wezwie policję, to mu na rynku łeb up…doli"

Właśnie dlatego należy sprzeciwiać się przyjmowaniu nielegalnych imigrantów, bo zaprowadzą u nas swoje zwyczaje spod znaku religii he he pokoju. A nie, czekaj...


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    Właśnie dlatego należy sprzeciwiać się przyjmowaniu nielegalnych imigrantów, bo zaprowadzą u nas swoje zwyczaje spod znaku religii he he pokoju. A nie, czekaj...

    @am_anfang_war_napoleon: Polecam poczytać komentarze na forach katolickich, np. tu jest złoto:

    This is one of the more difficult things to explain, but there is no place for heresy in the world. How many souls do you think are claimed by heretics and schismatics who are allowed to evangelize and spread dissent from the teachings of the church? There is no excuse to permit untruth and evil to exist. Heretics should be silenced and made to assent, and only as a last resort should we apply execution against the most obstinately evangelical heretics.

    [Catholic state] would have a religious order, probably the dominicans, sent out to find apostates and make them convert or at least publicly assent. If you pull a heresiarch you would be pressed to assent and then killed if you refuse(at which point it's your own damn fault for espousing heresy.)

    If the atheist keeps it to himself there's not a problem. If he starts publishing works that lead people to hell, there is a problem.

    But Richard Dawkins needs to be stopped. The alternative is his kind corrupt the innocent away from God and into eternal damnation. The alternative is what we have now, where tens of millions of babies are killed in the womb every year and the oligarchs smile when the number goes up.

    Najbardziej mnie rozwaliło twierdzenie że świat był "stabilny" przed oświeceniem, i trzeba by powrócić do tego stanu. No w sumie to nie było zbytnio ekonimicznego wzrostu co spełnia definicję stabilności :D

    Before 'the enlightenment' the world was basically stable. Empires rose a fell but each was fairly consistent and it had little impact on your average peasant. But in the middle of the last millennium something awoke and has been barrelling forward regardless of the suffering caused. It was at that same time that the Church lost its position as the first estate. We have been in a constant state of revolution since and I can't see a way of stopping it other than putting the king back on the throne, so to speak.

    The middle-ages surely wasn't utopia, but the problems they faced were the sorts of problems man is designed to deal with. The problems we face now we can barely comprehend let alone address.

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