Węgierski konserwatywny europoseł został przyłapany na gejowskiej orgii.

@Kozajsza: No tak się chwalił w wywiadach. Formalnie był szefem komitetu konstytucyjnego, a w praktyce twierdzi, że napisał ją jak się nudził w trakcie sesji europarlamentu, co jest BTW całkiem możliwe :).

Z jego bloga - za translatorem google:

It is the first constitution in the world to be written on an iPad
March 1, 2011 Belgium

Steve Jobs will surely be very happy to learn that Hungary's new constitution is being written on an iPad (actually my iPad). (This is where I am writing, I am at an official working evening in Brussels, the European People's Party and our group presidency are present. It is a bit rude to write a blog over dinner ...) By plane, train, car, committee, presidency or group meeting , such a constantly traveling commuter, who is constantly commuting between Hungary, Belgium and France, cannot imagine a more ideal working tool! (Thanx Steve! God bless you! Get back to Apple, for the benefit of all of us! You are a genious!)

I can look at all my e-mails on it, correct it, write the various drafts, comment on the suggestions received. As soon as a text proposal comes from a consultant, representative or citizen, I can insert it into the text immediately and I will send it for comment wherever I am. I certainly wouldn’t be able to do this without the tool.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait minutes like a normal laptop to get started at all. I open it wherever I am and I can take advantage of every minute! A real miracle!

It can be said to be a twenty-first century constitution on a twenty-first century instrument. But that this is not just a coincidence, let me also say that the utilization of technological achievements, I suggest, may also appear in some form in the draft text of the Constitution. In the section on the state serving the citizens, I suggested the following idea: Hungary strives to apply new technological solutions in order to increase the efficiency of the state, the quality of public services, better transparency of public affairs and equal opportunities for citizens. I hope that the governing parties at whose request I am drafting the new Constitution will not pull this idea so close to my heart out of the draft!


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