UE publikuje „ocenzurowany” kontrakt na szczepionkę COVID19 [ES+PL] + umowa [ENG

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Tak jak się wszyscy domyślali, producent został zwolniony z odpowiedzialności, szczepionka stosowana jest na wyłączną odpowiedzialność państw członkowskich:

The Parties recognise that the accelerated development timelines to deliver the clinical trial and
follow-up programme agreed with EMA means that the contractor under no circumstance can warrant,
or assume any liability, at the time of entry into force of this APA that the Product will be ultimately
available or will produce the desired results, i.e. shows sufficient efficacy to prevent a COVID-19
infection, or be without inacceptable side effects. The participating Member States are willing to
share those risks, which includes an obligation of the participating Member States to indemnify the
contractor and its CMOs in case of liability incurred, settlements paid and certain costs relating to
third party claims with respect to those risks under the conditions set out in this APA. The
Commission and participating Member States acknowledge that the use of Products will happen
under epidemic conditions requiring such use, and that the administration of the Product will therefore
be conducted under the sole responsibility of the participating Member States.

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