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@diel: Te maski służą też jako inicjacja w rytuałach o czym prawie kompletnie nikt nie wspomina. W tym przypadku do wprowadzenia Cię do nowej normalności. Oceńcie sami po przeczytaniu jak to wygląda w rytuałach sekt i przełóżcie na to co macie za oknem - to nic innego jak masowy globalny rytuał.

Stage 1: Isolation for purification

In this stage, the initiate is separated from the world.

The initiate is largely removed from the otherwise familiar persons, places and things that they're used to in order to be "cleared" of them.

An initiate is forced to become detached and insulated, purged and "purified."

An essential element of this separation from one's typical environment is the suspension of the normal rules of living that one is used to: the normal way...

Most of the initiate's senses will become commanded and regulated at this time.

In other words, the majority of what the initiate sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes, is deliberately controlled.

In the ritual, these senses may be bombarded, modified, limited or deprived.

But, regardless, perceptions and experiences are ultimately overseen by the high priest and priestesses directing the ritual's performance.

With nowhere else to go except the places that we're "allowed," the insulated, isolated, initiated may be forced to confront his or her own reflection and inner shadows that have been ignored or buried somewhere deep beneath the average day-to-day.

These things suddenly become unavoidable. Triggers are detonated: another purge...

Just as they involve surrender, initiation rituals also involve sacrifice: both the tangible that can be held in the hand, and the intangible, such as behaviors, must be given up by requirement.

After all, for something to be "given," something must also be taken: a token of submission, an ounce of blood, a pound of clay to be remolded.

Whether dramatically overt or deceitfully subtle, the ritual reinterprets reality: a new definition of reality is given.

Training in the form of new behaviors and knowledge, including myths and codes are introduced.

Things necessary for new members to function properly in the society they're being inducted into are all imbued during this time.

Repetition is typical, as its use helps hammer home the spell on the initiates.

Stage 2: The Transition

As the old self symbolically dies and passes away, the initiate descends into a state of 'liminality'.

The old self dies as the initiate is purified.

The initiate is now a white room; a blank canvass washed, primed and desperate for paint.

At the same time his old existence and way of life dies, the initiate transcending it is gradually being processed, reprogrammed and incorporated into his 'new environment': reformed, reconstituted and rebirthed into the new world that awaits at the end of the tunnel.

Stage 3: The Integration

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