Bunt schetynowców w PO. Mężydło: Tu chodzi o ambicje


autor: Fratria

autor: Fratria

Football news:

Willian made an assist in Arsenal's third match in a row
The March matches of the South American selection of the 2022 World Cup can take place in a bubble in a European city
Zidane on Benzema before the derby: We won't take any chances. Those who are 100% ready will play
Can you guess a coach based on his career as a player? It's easy with Zidane - but with Flick and Gasperini?
Zidane is categorically against Bale's return to Real Madrid (Defensa Central)
Cunde from Seville is potentially the best defender on the planet. He was inspired by Cannavaro and is very similar to Sergio Ramos
Ibrahimovic returns to the Swedish national team (FotbollDirekt)