Amerykańskie lobby pozywa Apple żeby usunęło Telegrama za "szerzenie nienawiści"

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I maja racje. A dolar to ulubiona waluta gangsterow - może ja tez usunąc?

Może jednak nie dolar tylko szekle? Pozywający to amerykański Żyd, ambasador na placówce marokańskiej

Oczywiście z partii demokratycznej

4.Plaintiff Ambassador Marc Ginsberg (“Ambassador Ginsberg”) is a

citizen of the state of Maryland and is the owner of Defendant Apple’s iPhone XR
which he obtained for personal and professional use in early 2020. As part of his
purchase of the iPhone, Ambassador Ginsberg knew that Apple, Inc. had an App
Store where various third-party application developers could make their applications
available to users. He further knew that Apple had terms of service and policies
related to the use of the iPhone and to applications available through the App Store.
Ambassador Ginsberg relied on Apple to comply with its own polices and terms of
service when deciding to purchase his iPhone
5. Ambassador Ginsberg has had a career that has placed him in the public
spotlight numerous times through his work as a White House liaison for the Secretary
of State, as a Deputy Senior Advisor to the President for Middle East Policy, as a
United States Ambassador to Morocco, and his numerous appearances in U.S. and
global publications and news shows.
6. Ambassador Ginsberg was raised in Israel and has addressed Jewish
groups in the United States and throughout the Arab world on the importance of
Judaism and Israel. Ambassador Ginsberg has been a member of and involved with
the Beth El synagogue in Bethesda, Maryland for decades as well as other
synagogues in Montgomery County, Maryland.
7. As the first Jewish ambassador to an Arab country from the U.S.,
Ambassador Ginsberg has been subjected to two assassination attempts due to his
religious beliefs held as an United States Ambassador.
8. Ambassador Ginsberg created the Coalition for a Safer Web to compel
social media platforms to end their tolerance of anti-Semitism as well as their
enabling of extremist groups to operate with impunity over social media.
9. Plaintiff Coalition for a Safer Web (“CSW”) is a 501(c)(3) organization
with its principal place of business located in Washington, D.C. CSW employs
Ambassador Ginsberg and reimburses him for his professional use of his Apple
iPhone XR.


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